Our top holiday tips for making your Facebook business page shine!

If you have a Facebook business page, you know how important it is to keep up with new posts. This year, why not give your page a holiday makeover? Check out our top tips for making your Facebook business page shine!

Change Your Cover Photo

  • Change Your Cover Photo

Your cover photo is the first thing people see when they visit your Facebook Page, so it’s a great place to give your business a holiday makeover. Consider using an image that shows off your business in a fun or festive way during the holidays. You can use any kind of picture — from one of your staff holding up their favorite Christmas sweater, to an outdoor shot of your storefront when it’s snowy outside, to something silly with Santa Claus—but keep these guidelines in mind:

  • The photo should be seasonal but not overly festive. An image with Santa Claus smoking a cigar while drinking eggnog would probably be too much for some audiences; instead opt for something more subtle like text overlayed onto the image (like “Merry Christmas! We’re open 24/7 until New Year’s Day” or “We have extended hours starting now through December 31st).
  • The picture should be high resolution and clear enough that users can easily see all details without zooming in very far (this will help increase engagement). A blurry photo looks cheap and unprofessional; don’t skimp on quality just because you’re posting digitally!

Change Your Profile Picture

First, change your profile picture to a holiday-themed picture. It’s a simple yet effective way to give your Facebook business page a fresh look for the holidays. Your profile photo should be relevant to who you are and what you do: for example, if you’re in retail or selling food, use the holiday as an opportunity to show off your best products with seasonal packaging; if you’re in real estate or construction services, show off an image of your company headquarters decked out with Christmas lights; and so on.

You can also get creative! If you sell online courses, perhaps take a photograph of all of them stacked up on your desk like presents under the tree—or maybe create an infographic depicting all the different courses available this season (we have some great examples here). Just make sure that whatever content you share is right for both yourself and for your audience—otherwise it won’t work as well at driving engagement and sales!

Start a Discussion on Your Page

The holidays are a great time to celebrate and engage with your fans. Use this opportunity to find out what they’re interested in and get their feedback on your products, services or brand.

Here are some ideas for Facebook holiday-themed content:

  • Start a discussion about how people celebrate the holidays. You can ask questions such as “What’s your favorite holiday tradition?” or “How do you decorate your home during the holidays?” Then, share photos of different types of decorations that people might have seen while traveling over the past few weeks (or years). This will help you generate a lot more engagement than if you simply posted pictures without any context.
  • Ask customers what they’re looking forward to buying this season. Many retailers post wish lists from customers who are interested in getting specific things like clothing or gadgets—and who wouldn’t want their name at the top of one? It’s also a good idea for businesses that sell big ticket items (like cars) by posting these lists publicly so new followers can see them right away when they join up!
  • Engage with other brands using hashtags related specifically towards their niche market categories such as #WineOClock

Add a Holiday Video to Your Page

  • Make sure the video is relevant to your business.
  • Make sure the video is engaging and entertaining.
  • Make sure that it’s short and sweet (no more than 30 seconds).
  • Make sure the quality of your video is high enough so that it doesn’t look like you filmed it with a potato chip bag over your phone (or whatever was available at the time).
  • Ensure that your video can be viewed on mobile devices by testing before publishing, because some platforms will automatically prevent videos from playing if they don’t meet certain specifications.

Update Your Call-to-Action Button

  • Make sure your call-to-action button is visible.

Your CTA should be in a place where it can be easily found and seen. You don’t want to have to scroll down or hunt around for it, so make sure you place it at the top of your page.

  • Make sure the button is easy to click on. Your CTA should also be designed in such a way that makes it easy for users to click on it when they’re ready to take action. This means using a link instead of text (links are more likely to stand out), making sure you have enough space between the button and its surrounding elements so that users won’t accidentally click elsewhere first, and making sure there isn’t anything else competing with your call-to-action (like ads).
  • Make sure your call-to-action is enticing enough! A well thought out CTA can increase conversion rates by 80% or more—so don’t underestimate how important this part of Facebook advertising can be! In addition, having an enticing call-to-action will help set expectations about what people will get if they do choose this option.”

Promote Your Holiday Sales and Specials in an Event

Facebook events are a great way to get people back to your business page. They can be used for any occasion, but they’re especially helpful during the holiday season when you want to remind customers about special sales or promotions.

To create an event in Facebook, click on the “Events” tab at the top of your page and click “Create an Event”. You’ll then be prompted with a form where you can enter information such as: Date & Time of the event; Location (address); Description/Focus (for example: “Come join us for our annual Christmas party.”); Invite list (your friends list). Be sure to fill out all of these boxes thoroughly because they’re important for both creating an event and inviting others to attend it! Once completed, click Publish at the bottom right corner of your screen so that everyone can see it on their News Feeds! Make sure that when people RSVP yes or no through Facebook Messenger that they also add themselves directly into your guest list so they’re not left out while also giving yourself peace-of-mind by knowing exactly how many people will be attending before arrival time rolls around 🙂

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