The Key to Successful Link Building

1. Partner with other companies: When it comes to link building, the more people you can get on board with your initiative, the better. And while you may not have enough content on your own website to build a ton of links, chances are that other companies do. So partner with them!

2. Partner with employees: While we’ve already discussed how partners can help you with link building efforts, what about your employees? You may not be able to get them all working together on a single project (scheduling and budgeting for this would be difficult), but you can certainly get some of them involved in pushing out your content via social media.

3. Leverage industry events: For example, if you work in the education industry and there’s an event coming up that would be relevant for your business (such as a conference or trade show), reach out to see if they would be interested in having someone from your company speak at their event. If so, offer them a free ticket in exchange for promotion of their event (and by extension, yourself!).

4. Reach out directly: This one might seem obvious at first glance but it’s actually quite powerful if done properly. If there’s an organization or company.


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